Reusable Face MAsks

Our washable, reusable face masks are a great alternative to disposable masks both in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.


While it’s recommended that we used masks in our workplaces and public spaces, disposable masks are not without their disadvantages. 


For businesses our masks are a perfect alternative to disposable masks. Sold in packs of 5, employees can wash and reuse their masks for weeks rather than use a new disposable mask every day. This is not only a more sustainable approach but also a much more cost-effective option. Each one of our masks can easily be washed up to 30 times before seeing wear. 






Our masks are made using breathable, double layer cotton with latex free elastic. Our masks are designed with a 3-dimensional chin structure and pliable nose bridge for added comfort and a closer fit.

Our masks are sold in packs of 5.

€15 per pack (incl VAT)

  • Soft, breathable, double layer cotton material.
  • Machine washable, use minimal, natural detergent and a gentle wash. 
  • Latex free elastic ear loops.
  • 3-dimensional chin structure, a pliable nose bridge for better fit and comfort.
  • A more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks
  •  Always wash masks before use.
  • The masks are for personal use and are not medical devices or PPE. The masks should not be used in health care facilities, any surgical settings or anywhere exposed to any hazardous or contaminant liquid may be expected. Avoid use in the presence or risk  of exposure to intense heat sources or flammable gases or liquids.

We recommend that you try and follow correct procedure while using our masks:

Wash hands both prior to wearing the mask and after removing with hot soapy water or hand sanitiser.

When putting the mask on, try to only touch the straps. Place the upper part of the mask over your nose, then pull the bottom part over your mouth and chin. To achieve a closer fit, pinch the shape-forming nose bridge.

When removing the mask, reach behind your ears and remove the straps. Avoid touching the front of your reusable mask.

Machine washable, use minimal, natural detergent and a gentle wash. 

We reccomend hand washing after each day of use. Soak in warm water with gentle detergent or soap and rinse. Try to avoid rubbing the mask against itself or wringing.

Do not use antiseptic detergents or bleach.

Drip dry, do not tumble dry. If ironing, use a low temperature. Allow to dry completely before using again


Disposable Face Masks (OUT OF STOCK)

We also plan to have basic disposable masks for sale soon, currently due to high demand, we are out of stock.




Arya face masks can be used with or without face masks to effectively prevent droplets from passing to or from the user. They also help eliminate unintentional contact with the user’s  face.

From €6 per Face Shield

The ARYA face shield is proven in the front line by numerous hospital, nursing home and primary care staff.

Ready to wear out of the box – no awkward assembly, these face shields are one size fits all

The comfortable foam pad stretches all the way across the forehead ensuring all-day comfort

The shields are also anti-fog perfect for any customer-facing interactions.

Our Shield are sold in packs of 10

€61 for a 10 pack

  • The ARYA face shield is a CE Class 3 certified disposable face shield.
  • Fully CE Certified to EN166 under (EU) 2016/425 Category 3
  • Manufactured at in Castlepollard, Westmeath.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • The ARYA has been successfully utilised by workers in the construction, retail, fast food, hospitality, food and beverage, health and beauty and aviation sectors.
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