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To help protect our communities and workplaces in Ireland, wearing face masks has become extremely commonplace and as the pandemic will have a lingering impact, will continue to be an important health precaution. Disposable masks are not without disadvantages however. At Face Masks Direct, we have developed a range of products tackle the problem.

Our high quality reusable face masks aim to offer a more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient option for businesses and consumers. Durable, comfortable and machine washable, one mask can last as long as at least 10 disposable masks.

Black Reusable Face Mask

Our reusable face masks are sold in packs of 5. €15 per pack

Our other Products

Disposbale Face Mask

As well as our Reusable Masks, we offer basic disposable masks too. We are currently out of stock. However, we will have new stock very soon.

Face masks direct - Face Shield

Sometimes additional protection is needed, for this we have a range of accessories that compliment our masks. These include the ARYA face shield.

Our mission

Because coronavirus continues to spread, there is still a huge demand for personal protective equipment. Our medical professionals on the front line all around Ireland need all the protection they can get. Working together we can help ease the pressure they feel.

Our masks are not intended to replace the medical grade N95 masks, but to provide an alternative in non-medical situations. Because the virus spreads via respiratory droplets, masks form an extra barrier.  

Along with good hygiene and social distancing, masks are another barrier helping to disrupt the transmission of the virus.

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